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What To Expect

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Buster is a 5 y.o. cavachon, Buster's owner works a lot. Since she felt as though she had been neglecting him during the day, he got away with chewing table legs and even doors. He became overweight and unmanageable. This Is Buster Now!


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Toby the 1 y.o. french bulldog was unmanageable! With his high energy and hyperactivity, Toby became too much to bare for his owners and once he chewed up the patio door frame it was decided that enough was enough.


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Silva is a 4yo Doberman Pinscher. She had been professionally trained by a leading training company and has cost her owners thousands upon thousands of dollars. Her owners were distraught because they hated using prong and shock collars for years with no end in sight. They reached their limit of always having to dominate the dog with these methods while losing control due to Silva's ever increasing resilience.  



Our Ukrainian Doberman

Rocky is our very own Ukrainian Doberman. He was lucky enough to make it out of Ukraine and into our hearts on 3-16-22! Click the Facebook and Instagram  links at the top of the page to follow his progress.

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