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Lerner & Pooch

Teaching Small Dogs New Tricks

Lerner and pooch is a one of a kind in-home, comprehensive training program for small dog breeds of all ages. We love all dogs but cater to small breeds such as... Bichon, Cavalier, French Bulldog, Maltese and Dachshund and more! We provide a fully customized curriculum suited to the learning pace of each pet family. The main goal of our program is to improve the relationship you have with your pet while providing your pooch with a happier, healthier and longer life, and ensuring the pooch remains manageable in all situations. We use the world's leading and most current behavior modification methods to enable each family's success, without changing the wonderful personality of the pooch you fell in love with. We guarantee a 24hr response time to any question or concern via phone, text or email usually answered within 2-3 hr or less. Our program will address all common issues experienced by pooch families, such as:  














The Lerner and Pooch program provides results that are instantly noticeable and won't fade away once the trainer leaves your home. This is how L&P is able to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime guarantee. Enjoy our videos on facebook and instagram and feel free to call, email, text or inquire at the bottom of the page for more information and a free no obligation in-home consultation!

  • Anxiety 


  • Not coming when called


  • Nipping or mouthing


  • Unmanageable in car


  • Going potty inside


  • Running away


  • More...

  • Jumping on people or furniture

  • Taking a long time to go potty


  • Barking at dogs and people


  • Ruling the House!! 


  • Hyperactivity


  • Pulling leash


  • Possessive

What To Expect

More Videos

French Bulldog

Toby the 1 y.o. french bulldog was unmanageable! With his high energy and hyperactivity, Toby became too much to bare for his owners and once he chewed up the patio door frame it was decided that enough was enough.



Buster is a 5 y.o. cavachon, Buster's owner works a lot. Since she felt as though she had been neglecting him during the day, he got away with chewing table legs and even doors. He became overweight and unmanageable. This Is Buster Now!



Silva is a 4yo Doberman Pinscher. She had been professionally trained by a leading training company and has cost her owners thousands upon thousands of dollars. Her owners were distraught because they hated using prong and shock collars for years with no end in sight. They reached their limit of always having to dominate the dog with these methods while losing control due to Silva's ever increasing resilience.  


 More Videos

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What To Expect
The L&P Club

The L&P Club

The L&P Club is an Exclusive Club Reserved for Our Clients and Their Companion(s).


The Benefits of This Club Include: 

  • 24hr responce time for any questions or concerns usually answered within 2-3 hr

  • Touch up sessions for the lifetime of your companion(s)

  •  Phone/SMS/Email support with 24hr or less response time

  • Top notch unmatched and friendly customer support

       (no question is a bad question, we understand everyone learns at their own                        pace and would NEVER make anyone feel like a burden)



Lerner and Pooch offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We fell in love with our puppy from the first day we got him but he quickly turned into a little terror! It got to the point where our friends stopped comming over on the weekends and our families began using hotels during visits. We were at the breaking point in our relatioship but did not have the heart to give the dog away. This training littereally saved our marrage and friendships.

Boca Raton, FL

Our dog is a little on the older side and we've grown accustomed to dealing with and working around her problems. It was hard to take the plunge and sign her up for behavior modification because we thought she was set in her ways. Lerner and pooch changed everything and now she is a completely different dog, just so easy going and calm. I have since recommended it to all of my friends and never looked back. I even got a touch-up session a few months later and it was like running into and old friend of the family! It's been almost a year now and still the best behaved dog of any we know.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

We tried a leading private training franchise and were instantly bombarded with rules and information that we tried our hardest to keep up with, but it was too much! We tried the so called guarantee and the trainer came to our home again and treated us like we are stupid and a burden. After a few years of the dog running the show and terrorizing our lives and everyone around, we finally decided to check out Lerner and Pooch since some friends of ours had such success with them. Our only regret is that we waited so long and put up with so much before calling! We Love you! 

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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