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Lerner and Pooch
Small Dog Training

Teaching Small Dogs New Tricks

Lerner and pooch is a one of a kind in-home, comprehensive training program for small dog breeds of all ages. We love all dogs but cater to small breeds such as but not limited to... Bichon, Corgi, Terriers, Pomeranian, Mini Poodle Mix, Havanese,  Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Cavalier, French Bulldog, Maltese, Dachshund and many more! We provide a fully customized curriculum suited to the learning pace and needs of each pet family. The main goal of our program is to improve the relationship you have with your pet while providing your pooch with a happier, healthier and longer life, and ensuring the pooch remains manageable in all situations. We use the world's leading and most current behavior modification methods to enable each family's success, without changing the wonderful personality of the pooch you fell in love with. We guarantee a 24hr response time to any question or concern via phone, text or email usually answered within a few hours or less. Our program will address all common issues experienced by pooch families, such as:  














The Lerner and Pooch program provides results that are instantly noticeable and won't fade away once the trainer leaves your home. This is how L&P is able to offer a Satisfaction Guarantee as well as a Lifetime Guarantee. Enjoy our videos on facebook and instagram and feel free to call, email, text or inquire at the bottom of the page for more information and a free no obligation in-home consultation!

  • Anxiety / Separation anxiety


  • Not coming when called


  • Nipping or mouthing


  • Not following commands


  • Going potty indoors


  • Running away


  • Ruling the house & more...

  • Not going potty on command 

  • Jumping on people and furniture


  • Barking at people and other dogs


  • Unmanageable in the car 


  • Hyperactivity


  • Pulling leash


  • Possessive behaviors 

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